St Augustine’s Centre

St. Augustine's CentreSt. Augustine’s Centre, based on Hanson Lane in Halifax, is a community centre for anyone who needs help, advice or support. Based on the Christian faith which respects and values individuals, the Centre welcomes the vulnerable and cares for all, regardless of faith, ethnicity, background or any other factors.

For over 40 years we have offered a warm and welcoming environment for people to access support and advice from friendly workers and volunteers. We aim to help with basic needs and hope to build confidence to encourage participation within the community and to prevent isolation.


Volunteers are central to every aspect of our work. There are lots of different opportunities to get involved with. We hope to provide structured and supportive volunteering opportunities that suit all interests, skills, availability and levels of experience. Some roles require a regular commitment each week, whereas others can be more flexible or occasional.

Under our volunteering programme, we can help people learn new skills and gain experience in different areas or use their existing skills and knowledge to give back and help others.

Volunteers receive an induction and safeguarding training, have regular peer-support meetings with their team, receive ongoing support and supervision from their Project Coordinator, and can attend further training and development opportunities in relevant areas.

Oppotunities include:

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