Become a digital champion

This campaign aims to help our residents to access the internet and experience the benefits of life online. Getting online can have a huge impact on people’s lives – from reducing social isolation to saving money, finding a job or learning new skills. And what about all the other amazing things you can do like exploring your interests, learning about Social Media, catching up on your favourite TV programs, keeping in touch via video calls, researching your family history and even online dating!

So why not share your internet skills with someone and transform their life?

You don’t have to be an IT whizz to be a Digital Champion – you just need a bit of spare time and enthusiasm to support others to experience the many benefits of the internet and digital technology. As well as giving something back to your community, you can:

  • improve your own knowledge and confidence in using computers and the internet
  • gain valuable experience and organisational skills which can help build your CV
  • get involved in new projects and organisations, opening up other opportunities for volunteering and employment.

Find out more about becoming a digital champion


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For more advice and resources visit digitalskillsExternal link.

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