Go Walking volunteers – let’s make walking BIG this year!

Go Walking banner

The Go Walking project is all about making walking part of daily living, whether it’s a walk to the shops, to school or to the pub!

OSCA Foundation, North Halifax Partnership and Centre at Threeways are working together to deliver the project in North Halifax.

We want to make walking in North Halifax really BIG this year.

Walking is great! It reduces your risk of heart disease, helps you stay fit and improves mental health.

Get involved!

There are lots of ways volunteers can get involved with the project, here are some things we’re looking for:

  1. Join us on a Community Street Audit is an easy way of checking and identifying issues when walking about, such as litter, overgrown hedges, poor lighting, traffic or dog fouling. We follow a short route and ask questions like, is it easy to access for prams or wheelchairs? Is it tidy? Is it safe?
  2. Become a walk leader – fancy taking some fresh air and planning your own walking routes around North Halifax?
  3. Plan a walking event – do you have idea for a walking activity that other people will want to take part in? Could you get a group together for a pram walk, or a lantern parade?
  4. Champion the project – are you passionate about walking and physical activity? Have you got the gift of the gab! Could you inspire and motivate people and local groups to join in with the project?

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