Volunteer and make a difference to young people

volunteer picCalderdale Council is looking for adult volunteers to support its work with children and young people who are in care and they are particularly looking for people who can volunteer to be Independent Visitors.

Most people can be an Independent Visitor and the council are seeking adults aged 21 or over who:

  • Get on well with children and young people
  • Have lots of patience and enthusiasm
  • Can communicate easily with children and young people

This is a long term volunteering opportunity, so it is asked that you are able to support a child or young person for at least 12 months and although no formal qualifications are required to volunteer as an Independent Visitor, it is necessary that you have had some experience with children and young people… read more here…

If you’re interested in giving your time to help a young person, there will be information sessions held during August and full training starts in early September.

To find out more about these sessions, or for more information please email sarah.maligranda@calderdale.gov.uk or call 01422 288253.

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